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Design your own Bespoke Wedding Chair Covers

It's so frustrating when you've searched and searched for your dream wedding chair covers but unable to find any that are elegant and slightly different, as well as ones that match your theme. So why not design your own bespoke chair covers from a unique chair cover hire company?

Chair covers over the years

For the past 10 years, the most common chair covers used for weddings and events are the stretch lycra with the organza sash. Although they are available in wide variety of colours and were extremely popular, we feel at Chocolate Falls, that there needs to be an alternative to choose from.

However, within the last year or so, the rustic, boho, minimalist, glamour, floral and individuality trends have emerged and proven to be very current. With this, the need for innovative chair covers has never been stronger in order to achieve your desired theme.

There are many lovely chair cover hire companies that provide beautiful bespoke chair covers for couples who just haven't be able to find the ones they've imagined for their special day. Today, the market offers chair covers made from hessian, chiffon, linen, ruffles, lace, burlap, pearls, vertical sashes and more to compliment your centre pieces and wedding decor.

How we can help

Fortunately Chocolate Falls take pride in creating all things to do with weddings by providing stunning displays for a variety of entertaining items for the evening, such as chocolate fountains, waffle & S'mores bars, Baileys fountains, hot chocolate bars, donut walls and freakshake bars etc.

Due to the individuality we present when displaying items for every wedding, we've been asked to create Rustic- Glam wedding chair covers for a recent customer.

We enjoyed creating them so much that we now offer chair cover hire and design complete bespoke chair covers for your wedding.

Chocolate Falls also provide other unique wedding features for hire such as flower walls, barrel whiskey tables, candelabras and plenty more. Click here to see all our hire items.

If you’d like to receive a quote or would love a friendly chat to see how we can help you create the wedding you’ve dreamed of, please contact us on 07720783366 or you can message us on Facebook.

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