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Venue Décor

Silver Churns | Chocolate Falls
Crate Display Corner | Chocolate Falls
Lantern Decor | Chocolate Falls
It's the little things that
create a huge impact
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Our smaller venue decor accessories are hired out regularly for weddings and events to decorate and add character to your venue.


 It's also a great way to incorporate your own hobbies, interests and personality into your day. 

Crate & Lantern Display | Chocolate Falls
Decor Displays

Our smaller venue accessories are great for creating the below:

- Wedding Aisle Decor

- Table Plan

- Corner Decor & Focal Points

- Make Tables look Fuller

- Guests who are watching from Heaven

- To Display Favours

We provide the below accessories to decorate your venue:
- Lanterns
- Candlesticks & Fairy Lights
- Vases & Churns
- Wooden Crates
- Artificial Flowers
- Assortment of Bunting
- Small Love Letters
- Mini Succulents and Jars
- Log Stumps
- Wooden Signs
It's alot easier to imagine your venue decor when you see everything set up. Drop us a message to see everything above displayed at our showroom.
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