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Freakshake Bar

Freakshake Bar | Chocolate Falls
Freakshake Wedding Bar | Chocolate Falls
They taste freakishly awesome!
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Our Freakshake Bar is proving to be extremely popular this year and couples are loving them for their evening entertainment as well as an alternative to the traditional desert. 

Your guests can choose their creation from our yummy Freakshake menu or they can come up with their own concoction with our variety of toppings.

They're all served from our very own "Shake Shack" - our purpose made rustic bar. All of our shakes consist of a delicious thick milkshake, made from ice cream, and include a doughnut and selection of sweet accessories. 

Freakshake Flavours

As well as our 5 main signature shakes on the right, you can make your own from the following sweety items that's included with the bar:

-Flavoured Syrups & Sauces

- Ice Cream

- Donuts

- Brownies

- Cookies

- Cakes

- Assorted Chocolate Pieces

- Cream

- Sweets & Sugar Strands

Freakshake Menu | Chocolate Falls
This is what's included with our Freakshake Bar:
- 5 Foot Rustic Bar
(that can be decorated to your chosen colour theme)

 - Lots of Milk

 - The Sweet Toppings Listed Above
- Our Optional Donut Wall

- Chocolate-Dipped Glass Jars

- Coloured Cardboard Straws

- Beautiful Setup & Display

- Manned 3 Hour Service

*A deposit may be taken for our glass jars*
100 guests - £549 
Then £3.95 per person there after .
Check out a video below of our Freakshake Bar at a Pastel Themed Wedding
Pastels Wedding Theme - Freakshake Bar

Pastels Wedding Theme - Freakshake Bar

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