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Waffle Bar

Waffle Bar | Chocolate Falls
Rustic Waffle Bar | Chocolate Falls
Waffle Wedding Events | Chocolate Falls
I'll be the syrup,
you can be my waffle.
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Our Waffle Bar is another popular wedding and event treat display of ours.

Enjoy freshly made waffles for your evening desert option for any occasion. They can be an extra treat add on for your Chocolate Fountain or steal the show on a display of their own. 

They're popped onto a stick to make it easier for your guests to scoff and we will create a beautiful display to complement your chosen theme, whether that's rustic and simplistic or sequins and all the extras. 

More Naughtiness

We also provide a selection of toppings that your guests can add to their delicious warm waffle:

- Our mini Belgian chocolate fountain

- Sprinkled Sugar

- Nutella

- Maple Syrup

- Squirty Cream

- Puried Fruit Sauces

- Fresh Strawberries & Blueberries

- Mini Fudge Bits

Let us know if you'd like any extra toppings added to make your waffle bar a unique one.

Chocolate Waffles Treat Display | Chocolate Falls


If you or your partner are a vintage motorcycle fan, you may fancy our 1940s Tradesmen's Truck to display your waffles.

Waffle Bar with our tiny Chocolate Fountain is for a max of 100 guests - £495

If you're looking to treat over 100 guests, you'll need to upgrade to our larger Chocolate Fountains. 

Waffle Bar accompanied with our 32" Fountain - £655

Waffle Bar accompanied with our impr5ssive 55" Fountain - £735 up to 100 guests and a further £3.00 per person thereafter. 
A massive saving, when taken separately.


All options include a full beautiful display, accompaniments, a 3 hour manned service to make the waffles, replenish toppings and to keep the display neat and tidy.
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