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Prosecco Bar

Prosecco Table | Chocolate Falls
Prosecco Bar | Chocolate Falls
Prosecco Fillers | Chocolate Falls
"Trust me, you can dance" - Prosecco
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Prosecco, Cocktail and Bubbly Bars have become so trendy in the last couple of years and our DIY Prosecco Bar is no different. 

It's perfect for a summer wedding or outdoor party and is a great focal point that adds personality to your day.


It's also something a little different to the typical reception tipple and a perfect excuse for the girls to get social around pimping their drinks.

Pimp your bubbly

This is what's included in our wedding Prosecco Bar:

- Bar

- 4 x Bottle of Flavourings

- Jars of Fruit: Oranges, raspberries, blueberries & pomegranate

- Pink & White Lemonade in Dispensers (with a tap on the table)

- 3 x Fruit Juices

- 1 x Small Bottle of Chambord

- 1 x Small Bottle of Bombay Saphire Gin

- 1 x Small Bottle of XO Cafe Tequila

- 4 x Small Jars of Toppings

- 20 x Flute Glasses (extra glasses 50p each)

- Small Tray

- 2 x Wicker Wine Baskets

- Prosecco Bar Sign

- Stirrers

- 6 x Bottles of Prosecco (optional extra for £50)

Pimp your Prosecco hire | Chocolate Falls
Our Prosecco Bar
If you're not a lover of prosecco, you could always have
a cocktail bar or a variety of ciders with fruits to mix -
just let us know and we'll see what concoctions
we can come up with. 
The bar will also be displayed to match your desired
theme and style to ensure it complements your
wedding or event.
Prosecco Bar on the Green Cabinet - £295
Prosecco Bar on the Barrel Table - £325
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