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Candy Cart & Sweet Buffet

Vintage Sweet Bar | Chocolate Falls
Gatsby Sweet Buffet | Chocolate Falls
White sweet ladder | Chocolate Falls
Life is short, so make it sweet
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Our Candy Cart and Sweet Buffets have been a popular treat display since we began in 2012, helping weddings, birthday's, christenings and events be that much sweeter. 

We crafted our Victorian-style Candy Cart ourselves and is often booked for displaying sweets as well as, popcorn, cold meats and cheeses, hot chocolate, reception drinks and a wedding cake stand. 

You can hire it by itself for your own use or let us style it with out beautiful selection of sweets and glassware. Alternatively, we can display your sweet treats on a table, sweet ladder or any other imaginative way.

Sweet Displays
Harry Potter Sweet Display Hire | Chocolate Falls

We can create your Sweet Buffet Display to complement your wedding or
event theme but we can also customize it for other occasions such as
fancy dress, hen parties, christenings etc. 

Here's a few themes we've created in the past:

- Harry Potter

- Great Gatsby

- Boy & Girl Christenings

- Gender Reveals

- Birthday themes

- Marvel

- Halloween

- Traveling (Hot Air Balloon)

- Vintage

- Rustic

& any other styles you can think of. 


Our usual collection of sweets include:

- Flying Saucers
- Fizzy Cola Bottles & Bubblegum Bottles
- Smarties
- Mini Eggs
- Dolly Mixture & Haribo
- Sherberts
- Foam Bananas
- Fizzy Rainbows
- Marshmallow
- Hard Sweets

Let us know what you'd like on your Candy Cart and we can create a bespoke collection for you, it doesn't even have to be a sweet buffet...
What about a Cheese & Biscuits Cart, a Wedding Favour Cart or anything else your guests can help easily help themselves too?

Victorian Cart on it's own - £95
Candy Cart with sweet display up to 100 guests - £245
(£1.50 per person each after)
Sweet Buffet Display up to 100 guests - £295
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