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Cheese Fountain

Cheese & Meat Platter | Chocolate Falls
Cheese Fountain | Chocolate Falls
Big Cheese Fountain | Chocolate Falls
"That has too much cheese on it."
Said no one. Ever.
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Are you looking for something different to entertain your guests at your wedding reception, party, family gathering or wine tasting evening? Are you a lover of bread and cheese? Then our Cheese Fountain could be one for you. 

It's a great alternative to those who prefer a delicious savoury snack compared to a sweet and sugary treat.


Our selection of dips make up a great spread perfect for drizzling under a hot Cheese Fondue Fountain. 

Available Dips:

- Nachos

- Bread Sticks

- Pretzels

- Salamies

- Sausages

- Veg Sticks: Carrots, Celery, Cucumber

- Savoury Biscuits

- Crusty French Bread

- Olives


Cheese Fondue Platter | Chocolate Falls


Imagine you're on the slopes in Switzerland, après
skiing on the slopes, dipping crusty bread into
a melting cheese fondue...

The following is included in our wedding Cheese Fountain:
- Hot Melting Nacho Cheese
- A choice of 10 dips
- A beautiful display
- Manned 2-3 hour service
If you fancy other dips such as chicken wings, just let
us know and we'll come up with a bespoke platter just for you. 

We have two fountains that you can choose which size you'd rather dunk your cured meats and biscuits into. 
27" Cheese Fountain - £395
(Only suitable for up to 50 guests)

32" Cheese Fountain - 
(Only suitable for up to 100 guests)

55" Cheese Fountain - for 100 guests £695
£4 pp there after

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