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Cake Displays

Cake Log Slice | Chocolate Falls
Cake Vintage Trolley Display | Chocolate Falls
Barrel Table Wedding Cake Display | Chocolate Falls
It's been an emotional day,
even the cake is in tiers
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The cutting of the wedding cake is symbolic for the first activity carried out but the newly wed couple, so a Wedding Cake Stand is a must to show off the masterpiece whether it's big or small. 

Our Cake Display Stands are also perfect for showcasing your birthday, anniversary or baby shower cakes and can be decorated accordingly to match your theme. 

Cake Displays

Our Cake Displays are perfect for elevating your beautiful

dessert and giving it the attention it deserves by turning it into

a centrepiece of it's own. 

Whether you're after a simple stand or a spectacle, we offer the following items:

- Log Slice

- Floral Hoop

- Vintage Tea Trolley

- Barrel Table


- Vintage Cart

- Roll up Desk

- Green Dresser

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