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Post Boxes

Wooden Postbox | Chocolate Falls
White Victorian Postbox | Chocolate Falls
Vintage Suitcase Postbox | Chocolate Falls
For sending well wishes
to the new Mr & Mrs
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The most popular wedding present received by loved ones nowadays is a card (maybe with a few pennies in too, if you're lucky!)

Wedding Post Boxes are a great way to collect and store those cards as well as being a pretty focal point for guests to be involved in. 

Our card boxes are also regularly used for collecting birthday cards, raffle tickets for events and anonymous suggestion cards.

Collection Boxes

We have a small selection of card collection boxes that will suit your chosen theme and style. 

A few of them can be personalised with a picture of yourselves, your names or your date. 

They include:

- White Cast Iron Victorian Post Box - £35

- Rustic Wooden Post Box - £25

- Natural Wooden Post Box - £25

- Small White Post Box - £25

- Personalised Glass Box - £30

- Vintage Suitcase - £20

If you'd like to see everything displayed in person, just give us a message and we'll arrange a visit to our showroom. 

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