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S'mores Bar

Smore Bar Wedding | Chocolate Falls
Smores Display Wedding | Chocolate Falls
I'ts S'more fun,
when we're together.
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What sounds more delicious than toasting marshmallows, chocolate and biscuits over an open fire, surrounded by friends and family?

Well now we've introduced our new S'mores Bar, you don't have to wait until you're sat round a camp fire, as we can bring the fire pit to you!

We supply the burners, held securely in a pebble-filled trough that can be used anywhere - indoors and out.

Our S'mores Bar is perfect if you're after entertainment for your rustic or festival vibe wedding or event, that's currently very in trend.

This is what's included with our S'mores Bar:

- A5 Burner Wooden Trough with Pebbles
- A Selection of Marshmallows
- Graham Crackers or Digestives (Your Choice)
- Hershey Chocolate (Milk Choc & Cookies and Cream)

- Reeses Pieces

- Fudge

- Wooden Skewers

- Beautiful Setup & Display

- Manned 3 Hour Service

Our Barrel Table is an optional extra, which is regularly requested.

Up to 100 guests & 1 trough - £455
Up to 150 guests & 2 troughs - £595

S'more Love Wedding Favours | Chocolate Falls


If you fancy something different to gift your guests as favours for your wedding..

We offer cute mini S'more packets that are extremely yummy, that consists of marshmallows, Hershey's chocolate and crackers. 

We also design a personalised tag with your names on, with a note saying "Sending you S'more love."

They can be used to melt over the open fire if you plan on having one in the evening or can be taken home to be enjoyed later. 

What better way to thank your guests for helping you enjoy your special day?​

£3.95 each 
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