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Fruit Palm Tree

Big Fruit Tree Wedding | Chocolate Falls
Mini Fruit Tree & Chocolate Fountain | Chocolate Falls
Be a pineapple: Stand Tall, Wear a Crown
& Be Sweet on the Inside
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Our Fruit Palm Tree is a proven success to wow your guests at buffets, desert center pieces and any catered event. We've had amazing comments from guests at weddings to clients at formal business meetings. 

It not only makes a statement all on it's own but it's an enjoyable and interactive eating experience when accompanied with our large Chocolate Fountain.

It's made from an array of fruit, intricately placed in a hollow pineapple to create a fruity spectacle. They're attached using cocktail sticks, allowing you to pull each one out and dunk under the flowing chocolate. 

Fruit Twist

The Fruit Palm Tree is a great way to not only add a pop of colour in your event but it's a healthy alternative to the other sugary snacks you may have to offer, making it a treat for health enthusiasts.

The Fruit Tree can be made using any fruit of your choice but is usually comprised of: 

- Pineapple

- Strawberries

- Grapes

- Melon

- Kiwi

You can then have complete fruit displayed around it with other sweet treats including profiteroles, brownies etc.

Bespoke Fruit Palm Tree DIp | Chocolate Falls
"I'm going to climb that like a tree"
We provide three sizes of the Fruit Palm Trees - ensuring you'll find one perfect for your wedding or event. 
The tallest one stands at a willowing 48", topped with palm leaves and a small display of fruit around the base. They can stand at 7ft when placed on a table.
(A single large fruit palm tree has over 600 pieces of fruit and can easily serve 300 people when accompanied with a chocolate fountain).
Our middle tree is great for smaller events and we can supply two together. They stand at 24" and are served on a glass platter with palm leaves and surrounding items.
Our individual fruit palm trees add colour and variation to any buffet or family gathering. These comprise of a single pineapple and stands at 8" and is topped with palm leaves. 

Large Fruit Palm Tree - £175
Smaller Fruit Palm Tree - £95
Individual Fruit Palm Tree - £30
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