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Hot Chocolate Bar

Winter Hot Chocolate Bar | Chocolate Falls
Winter wonderland hot chocolate | Chocolate Falls
We go together like hot chocolate
& marshmallows
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If you're having a beautiful winter wedding or event, have you thought about keeping your guests warm with our extremely delicious Hot Chocolate Bar?

They can help themselves to a mug, pop in a Belgian chocolate stirrer, top it up with piping hot milk and add their favourite toppings from a list below and they have the fully loaded and ultimate hot chocolate.             

Top with love

Our toppings include:

- Chocolate Stirrers: Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Caramel, 
Cinnamon & Ginger, Coffee, Baileys, Cointreau, Hazelnut & Vanilla

- Flavoured Syrups: Monins Caramel, Monins Gingerbread, Monins 
Cinnamon, Monins Vanilla, Mint

- Toppings: Flake, Maltesers, Mint Aero. Fudge, Mini Marshmallows,
Sprinkles, Flaked Caramac, Squirty Cream

Hot Choc Toppings | Chocolate Falls


The following is included with our Hot Chocolate Bar:

- Paper cups

- Flavoured Syrups

- A selection of Belgian Chocolate Stirrers (Flavoured Stirrers
are avilable at an extra charge)

- A variety of toppings & a selection of cookies

- Hot milk

- Hot chocolate drink dispenser supplying our Hot Belgian Chocolate

- A 6ft table display to complement your colour theme and style 

- 2 hour manned service

100 guests - £445
150 guests - £595
200 guests - £695

We can display everything on our popular barrel table at an additional cost of £75
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