The fruit palm tree is a complete and proven success for buffets, desert center pieces or any catered event.


Guest and clients alike, rave of the fruit   palm tree's ability to be the talk of the party as well as being an enjoyable and   interactive eating pleasure


The Fruit Palm Tree is the perfect addition to the chocolate fountain. It not only creates an exotic touch to any event but is also a healthy alternative.


It can stand alongside the chocolate fountain to add variety, or be served at any event as a dessert center piece in its own right.

It is made up of an array of fruit attached to pineapples by using cocktail sticks.

You simply pull them out and dip them under the chocolate and devour.    

They can be made using any fruit of         your choice but typically we use pineapple, strawberries, grapes, melon   and kiwi fruit.


We supply three sizes of fruit palm         trees.

The tallest stand at a willowing 48″ topped with palm leaves and a small display of fruit around the base. When placed  on the table they can stand at 7′.


For smaller events we can supply up to   two small fruit palm trees.

They are served on a glass platter and stand up to 24″ and again, they can be   topped with small palm leaves.


Individual fruit palm trees can add         colour and variation to any buffet.


A single large fruit palm tree has over   600 pieces of fruit on them and can   easily  serve 300 people when taken       with a chocolate fountain.





    Large Fruit Palm Tree




    Small Fruit Palm Tree




    Individual Fruit Palm Tree






Large Fruit Palm Tree                   -    £155

Small Fruit Palm Tree                  -      £85

Individual Fruit Palm Tree        -     £25


A non refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure bookings and is taken of final balance which becomes due 2 weeks before the event.


Chocolate Falls provide a number of tasty displays and beautiful prop hire to style your wedding or event. 

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