Very popular with both adults and children alike, they provide fun and entertainment at weddings, school fetes, garden parties and children's parties.


Our Popcorn Bar gives you the opportunity to taste a variety of flavours all served on the candy cart or laid out in an impressive display. Once the aroma of the freshly made popcorn wofts through the air, it isn't long before the guests start to wonder over and indulge..

Your guests simply select a cone and fill with their chosen popcorn, sprinkle on some flavourings and then top it off with a selection of sweets and devour!


Our flavours of popcorn include:-



Red Hot Cinnamon

Blue Raspberry











  Popcorn Bar                      - up to 100 guests  - £295

Candy Floss Machine      - up to 100 guests  - £95

Popcorn Machine             - up to 100 guests  - £95

  Both machines together  -                                 - £170


A non refundable deposit of £50 is required to secure bookings and is taken of final balance which becomes due 2 weeks before the event.





       Popcorn Machines

     Candy Floss Machines

             Popcorn Bars


Both popcorn and candy floss make great Wedding Favours...

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